Who We Are?

Our Mission

As from the 1st of September 2018 The Sea Safety Group Coastwatch became an Association of Independent Coastwatch stations” representing the stations in the Group at National level, the officers of the group include the founder of the Coastwatch Organisation which started in Cornwall, we are delighted to have him on board.We will be maintaining the Declared Facility Status we hold with MCA (HM CoastGuard) and we look forward to the future of the Group. An important role of the group is the number of coastal surveillance stations in which volunteers give up a few hours a week to keep a visual watch on coastal waters in support of search and rescue operations. They also monitor all distress channels on VHF radio. These volunteers assist and report directly to H.M. Coastguard.


How you can help.

The volunteers receive “on the watch” training in the basics of visual and radio watch keeping, reporting, simple ship recognition and the understanding of navigational terms and charts. None of this is demanding, it just requires an appreciation of the sea and those who use it.
Volunteers Needed : If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Watchkeeper, please get in touch using the contact details, or contact your local Station directly. You will be made very welcome.

Our Stations

Where you can find us.

Please visit out stations page for the location of your nearest station.

We are always looking to open new Stations in all parts of the UK. If you want further information contact us via our e mail address  info@seasafetygroup.org

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